Surprise Proposal in New Braunfels TX


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On Saturday morning, April 1st, my friend Abbi Ablaze Photo and I made a little road trip to New Braunfels for the sweetest surprise proposal ❤️ the whole day back, all I was thinking about was editing them because the scenery was beautiful!

Bryan was looking for someone to document the special moment and even though he didn’t have much knowledge of how the photography world worked, he just KNEW he needed to do this. I’m so grateful I was connected to him and we worked this out perfectly.

Bryan made it seem like they were going to take self portraits with their camera on self timer while I was already on the field taking photos of Abbi. As soon as I saw them struggling a bit, my job was to go up to them and ask if they wanted me to take a few photos and Abbi (the real mvp) was to get the ring box from his pickup.

We were so giddy and nervous but everything worked so well! Her reaction was priceless – she had NO idea this was even in the works.

Here’s a few photos from the sneak peeks I sent them this morning. I hope you enjoy and can’t wait to work on the rest.

Surprise proposals are my jam <3


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  1. Such a beautiful moment! 🐬

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