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Marcos sent me a text a few months ago with a photo of the ring and I was SO EXCITED that I started tearing up.

He sent me another text sometime in January telling me it was going to happen soon and he wanted me to be there. I got so excited again and naturally teared up.

I started finalizing plans to fly to FL and Marcos said “let’s use you as the surprise” (it was her birthday a couple days prior to when it was going to happen) and I was like YEA, that way she gets sidetracked and doesn’t suspect anything.

Saturday came along and I was so giddy all morning as I boarded my flight, landed and walked the gigantic Orlando airport towards Marcos and Megan. Marcos had blindfolded Megan and she was obviously asking questions but she kept her cool… until I got to their car and tapped on her window.

The rest of the day was filled with surprises from Marcos and her friends, slowly building up to the moment we would all surprise her again at her own home. She was surrounded by her parents and Marcos parents + her friends that spent the earlier part of the day at the winery. She had her suspicions a few times during the day but had 0 idea it would happen when it did.

Seeing how much Megan and Marcos love each other, how big their smiles get when they make eye contact and how much they love their loved ones made me feel so lucky to spend the day with them. Even luckier to document the surprise. And the luckiest to call them my friends.

Cheers to Megan and Marcos and their life together!


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