Couples Halloween Session in San Antonio


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As photographers, our mission is to capture special moments, and this engagement session was indeed extraordinary. I had the pleasure of photographing a couple who wanted a casual, personal vibe in their photoshoot, infused with their love for spookiness.

My couple radiated warmth and authenticity, and it was evident that their bond was something truly special. They wished to showcase their love just as it is – natural, unscripted, and full of laughter.

The couple’s vision was clear: they wanted the session to reflect their personal and casual style. No rigid poses or forced smiles. They desired images that conveyed their genuine connection and the joy they shared. So, our focus was on capturing their love story in a relaxed and intimate way.

As the sun began to set, they transformed into ghosts, and the session took a whimsical turn, filled with laughter and a touch of spookiness.

Dressed as ghosts, the couple roamed the location, embracing the playful spirit of Halloween. Their laughter echoed through the evening, adding enchantment to the photos. It was a reminder that love can be sweet and playful, and the most unforgettable moments are often the unscripted ones.

This engagement session was a beautiful reminder that love is about being yourself, savoring the joy of the moment, and sharing laughter with the one you hold dear.

I eagerly anticipate more sessions like this, where love shines in all its authentic and playful forms.


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