Intimate Backyard DIY Wedding in San Antonio, TX


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In the heart of San Antonio, amidst the vibrant Texan spirit, love found its perfect backdrop in a quaint backyard adorned with personal touches and heartfelt details. Viririana and Emmanuel, college sweethearts turned lifelong partners, celebrated their union in an intimate DIY wedding that reflected their journey and personalities.

The setting itself was a testament to their love story. Viririana and Emmanuel had bought their first home and this is where they wanted to celebrate, a place holding so much love and patience transformed with delicate string lights and a dance floor that Emmanuel had put together. Their house and backyard became a picturesque venue, exuding warmth and sunshine despite the being overcast.

Every detail was meticulously planned and crafted by the couple and their loved ones. From the floral arrangements, to the seating area for dinner, to the food cooked by the grooms best friends family, to everything in between – it was all thoughtout.

Their wedding was not just a celebration of love, but a reflection of their commitment to each other and their shared roots in San Antonio. It was a day where simplicity met elegance, where DIY charm met heartfelt emotions, and where the beauty of a backyard became the perfect canvas for their new beginning together.


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